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●  Audit Communication Strategies™

     ○  Strategies for developing detailed internal audit or compliance comments,

         including distinguishing between exceptions, issues, and root causes, and

         conveying a risk message commensurate with the severity of the issue

     ○  Basic writing techniques

       NASBA program level: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced


●  Audit Report Development™

      ○  Audit Communication Strategies™ workshop (above) plus additional writing

         techniques, including simplifying your language, using sentence transitions,

         applying sentence balance, and using bulleted and numbered lists

       NASBA program level: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced


●  Root Cause Analysis for Internal Auditors™ (or Compliance Reviewers)

     ○  Strategies and techniques for collecting sufficient information during an audit

         to identify and distinguish between exceptions, issues, and root causes

       NASBA program level: Basic and Intermediate


●  Executive Summary Strategies

     ○  Strategies for synthesizing internal audit or compliance review results into an

         executive message that supports the rating

     ○  Strategies for providing scope and business context (background) information

         at an executive level

       NASBA program level: Intermediate and Advanced


●  Editing with Clarity and Efficiency

     ○  Strategies and techniques for editing others' writing in a way that perpetuates

         learning and reduces the number of report versions from draft to final

       NASBA program level: Advanced


●  Writing for Clarity and Style

     ○  General writing workshop with less internal audit or compliance focus, but still

         more focus on strategic matters than structural matters

       NASBA program level: Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced 




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