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  Overview of Workshops


      Workshops Offered

      Audit Communication Strategies™

     Audit Report Development

     Root Cause Analysis for Internal Auditors

       (or Compliance Reviewers)

         ● Executive Summary Strategies

     Editing with Clarity and Efficiency

     Writing for Clarity and Style





          What We Bring to the Table


●  Customized internal audit and compliance workshops that focus mostly on strategy (how to determine 

     what's worth writing and where) - and less on structure (how to construct sentences and paragraphs)



●  Customized root cause analysis workshops developed from your workpapers


●  Customized workbook material and exercises that build on your audit report templates, your actual

     reports, and participant writing samples


●  Editing of writing samples that are returned during the workshop and are reviewed individually


●  Self-editing checklists and laminated guides to use going forward


●  Workshop material provided in American or Queen's English



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