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"Recipients of internal audit reports are busy people.

If internal audit and compliance reports don't tell the risk story quickly, accurately, and efficiently, those reports will not succeed. They will not convey the critical message about risks that are well-managed and other risks that threaten the organization and demand action."

     Penni E. Fromm, President & Founder of PEF Associates, Inc.

Penni Fromm developed PEF Associates' unique approach to improving internal audit writing that continues to win acclaim from major global organizations. For more about our approach and to apply it in your internal audit and compliance departments, be sure to contact us. Find out how we can help you create value-added internal audit and compliance reports.                           


Penni Fromm received her B.S. degree from Temple University. She has been involved in information technology, systems auditing, training, and consulting for over twenty-five years. Before starting PEF Associates, Inc., she was employed by JPMorganChase, CIGNA, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, Pershing, and Deloitte. In 1989, Ms. Fromm began developing the Writing for Clarity and Style series of workshops and coaching programs. In 1992, she introduced the customized Audit Report Development series of workshops and and follow-up programs for internal auditors. More recently, she led PEF in development of a workshop addressing Root Cause Analysis for Auditors™.

Ms. Fromm has established a broad, long-standing client base that includes major international financial organizations, insurance companies, manufacturing companies, entertainment companies, and service organizations, as well as public accounting firms, MIS Training Institute, and IIA and ISACA chapters.

              Our other dedicated trainers have been internal and external technology and financial auditors, have          

              worked in corporate reporting and information technology, and have been auditees.

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